Monday, March 29, 2010

Go, run, fly

Great news for all of Jennifer Ehle's admirers:

She has now opened a public twitter account! You can follow Ms Ehle at , or click directly from this blog on the @jenniferehle sign (Right column, "The essentials").

She presents herself as "Mama, wife, home educating, sometimes actress". Let's hope that the last part of her bio will give way to exciting and interesting thoughts!
New to Twitter and already panicking at the idea of making a fool of yourself amongst the birds community ? Check this good article on 12 Common and Frequent Mistakes Made by Users on Twitter (and How to Avoid Them). In French too (thanks YC!).
Last week for Mr & Mrs Fitch
Now is time to hurry and book your seat at Second Stage Theatre to see the last performances of Mr & Mrs Fitch.
Latest favourable reviews include the Bestofoffbroadway one, in which Colleen Verbus acknowledges that:
John Lithgow and Jennifer Ehle's portrayal of these characters is hilarious and fun. Ehle plays Mrs Fitch as the instigator of their scheming, while Mr Fitch furthers their ploy. (...) Lithgow and Ehle perform well with the script they have and make it a fun performance to watch.
"What is present are two very good actors at the top of their game", follows on The Epoch Times:
Director Scott Ellis, whose prior productions have won many theatrical organization nominations and awards (Tony, Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle), has kept the piece moving lightly and swiftly. Therefore, what one views is light, attractive and sophisticated.
Blogger's reactions include Candia's one, entitled "Run to see this play...the run is short and the laughs are long!", or Life upon the sacred stage's one:
I was so sleepy as I settled in for this world premiere of Douglas Carter Beane's Mr & Mrs Fitch that I wondered how I'd make it through the next two hours. Not to worry. I perked up the moment John lithgow and Jennifer Ehle entered, laughing as they stumble into their colourful Mahattan loft in the wee hours of the morning after a night on the town. And I stayed engaged as their glitzy world unfold in this cocktail of a show (...).
Don't hesitate to give your own thoughts on the play in the forum.
The King's Speech release
The King's Speech will be released on November 26th, 2010 in the USA. No dates available yet for other countries.

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