Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Misters

This week on the net seems to be all about men...

1. Mister Fitch

(Picture of the Fitch billboard in Manhattan on the right from R.Borucki blog, thanks for this photo!)

Two of John Lithgow's latest tweets (from the 4th and the 15th of February)

FITCH gets better with every tweak, love those previews...

Working furiously on FITCH (wonderful) but neglecting tweets...

give us an insight into the fascinating work-in-progress that must still be Mr & Mrs Fitch, where he plays alongside Jennifer Ehle.

The man seems indeed tireless. After an interesting interview in the New York magazine where he reveals one or two juicy details about his life and admits, laughing, to be "a gossip whore like anyone else", John Lithgow was on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, showing another of his (numerous) talents with a napkin! For you lucky American readers, he will be making an appearance to talk about Fitch on The View's 2nd Annual Mutt Show on abc this Friday night...

Meanwhile, more reviews on the play are being shared :
  • at Broadwayworld, where a few people disagree on the witticism vs shallowness of the play
  • at The New York Times theater section, where critics go from "What a waste of 2 hours" to "To see Lithgow and Ehle up close (the theatre is intimate) and doing their thing is a wonder to behold" or "Fascinating to watch these two great actors in an intimate theatre, tearing into a very witty and playful script" - pick your one!
  • at AllThatChat, where the casting relevance is discussed

2. Mister Firth

As much in Oscar daze as Colin Firth seems to be right now, he still has some time to speak to the Belfast Telegraph about his role as King George VI, the Queen's father, in the King's speech, where he'll be playing alongside Jennifer Ehle for the first time in 15 years. The actor confesses his apprehension on knowing that some living Royal family would see the film, and that he tried to put his political view on monarchy out of his work:

I know they [the Royal family] don't comment on such things but I was very aware
that not only would his daughter (Queen Elizabeth II) see it, but the characters
played by Geoffrey Rush had living family as well.

I think he [George VI] was enormously admirable and I had overwhelming
affection for the characters, so I hope that affection and respect came across.
I think there's something quietly heroic about him. We'll leave my own
political view out of this.

Who would want to bet that Mr Firth will be getting a second Oscar nomination next year ?


Laura said...

Hey, what about a Facebook and/or Twitter account? You should have it! :)

Ceci said...

Hi Laura!

I think there is already a Jennifer Ehle group in Facebook, but I'm not sure it's active...I'll eventually have a Facebook account one day !! :) Not so sure about twitter...:)