Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Greatest (and the quietest!)

This is just a quick one to report the apparent news of Jennifer Ehle's latest project which has pleasantly appeared from nowhere at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

[Rub eyes, blink, shake head] Sorry, what?!

The film is called The Greatest and is IMDb-able, although Ms Ehle's name has curiously not yet been added to the cast list. However at Variety, Todd McCarthy's brief but specific reference to Ms Ehle points to this merely being an omission by IMDb, not an invention/mistake by reviewers (although that has not yet been ruled out). Sundance's page for the film (along with the two remaining screening times) can be found here.

What is the storyline, who else is in the film, and what are current opinions on it?

Also starring Susan Sarandon and Pierce Brosnan, the movie is about the aftermath of a car accident in which a teenage boy loses his life. The film deals primarily with the lives of the boy's mother (Sarandon), father (Brosnan) and young friend Rose, who turns out to be pregnant with the boy's child. After a detailed look at the story, McCarthy is enthusiastic about the project, calling the piece a 'well-observed study', a 'visual pleasure' and noting that the actors 'do admirable, potent work'. Entertainment Weekly then says almost the complete opposite.

What is Ms Ehle's part?

According to Variety, Jennifer Ehle plays Joan, the 'gorgeous mistress' of the boy's mathematics professor father, who after the accident tells Joan 'not to expect to see him' as he must 'do everything he can to support his wife'.

Have you any more information?

Not as yet, but we will of course shout it from the rooftops when/if we acquire some. According to the film's IMDb page, Cinemablend appear to have lots to say on the project, but unfortunately their site is out of action at present. Elsewhere, the Los Angeles Times has a piece in which writer/director Shana Feste discusses the film's title, among other things. As far as Ms Ehle's involvement is concerned, there is a large barrel of imaginary roubles waiting for any Sundancer willing to provide a confirmation or denial.

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