Saturday, October 11, 2008

Glorious music and a few thoughtlets

Apologies firstly for the missing post - the result of a few hiccups and a day reshuffle! The crumbs left on the table today:
  • Music people Varese Sarabande draw our attention to Pride and Glory's soundtrack, available for pre-order. Among Mark Isham's pieces are Track 9, 'Abby', and Track 4, 'Fran and Abby'. A reminder that the CD - out October 21 - can also be purchased and enjoyed courtesy of Amazon.

  • The Sun offers an 'exclusive' clip of the film and interestingly suggests a later UK release of November 7. Ireland's Herald informs us that Colin Farrell is to receive a special pre-Oscar award.

  • On the reviews board, Flixer is mixed - giving a pessimistic prediction for the film whilst praising some of its component parts. Record Online do some similar weighing-up, finding the pace to be the problem area but accentuating the film's plus points:

[...] Though it's got big stars and dirty cops, Pride & Glory has a truly independent heart. ... the story teems with originality by spending a lot of time with its families. Unfortunately, as each character is given a distinct personality, the story slows to a crawl, making the film feel longer than its two-plus-hour running time. Pride & Glory has some great dramatic twists. It just takes too long to arrive there. [...]

Finally in the Glory Pot is a little 'Reflections' piece from the crew at Woodstock, and a trailer-ish selection of film clips from Odeon Filmcast (at about 08.25 mins in).
  • In the Rains Pot, Canada's Pique News Magazine is rather unforgiving, claiming that despite a 'dedicated' performance from Rahul Bose, the film 'never rises above mediocrity and that’s largely because it offers nothing new on the subject of the British Raj.'

  • One blogger left the film much happier, acknowledging a few 'nay' elements but recommending the film and praising its 'genuine and matter of fact' portrayal of emotion. Another, on Movies Wawa, cannot find fault at all it seems:
[...] Beautifully filmed. Richly sound-tracked. ... Linus Roache does a great job ... but the show is totally taken by the performance of Rahul Bose. ... The leading lady here is Nandita Das who also does a wonderful job. The supporting cast is too numerous to list individually, but I think everyone was great. ... They make it easy to forget this is acting. Because this story is so compelling and believable its easy to get swept up into. [...]
The only glimmer of a criticism is considered 'not all bad':
[...] To me, what passes prior to this film, and after, are as interesting ... than the film itself. But, we are left without explanation of what precedes and what follows this portion of the story. That may not be all bad however. It leaves much for us to think and talk about. [...]
Outside the Rains/Glory sphere, a writer on the Hagood Blog gives Sunshine 8.5/10, and after mentioning a 'great' supporting cast, praises its magnetism:

[...] This movie has a great beginning; it pulled me right into it. This is something not usually seen in movies of this type, so it makes it an unusual, yet pleasant experience. [...]

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