Saturday, August 16, 2008

One yacht sails into a harbour...

Rosemary Harris latest

Good news in that The Yankee King is now slightly less of a figment of our imaginations, being IMDb-able. The cast have not yet been listed, although there is no current reason to doubt initial reports of Ms Harris' involvement in the project.

The film's release date is being given as March 2009 (UK), while Sydney Macartney is now listed as director, as opposed to the aforementioned Gerry Lively.

Producer Jo Gilbert has added a brief summary to the site, nicely complementing the plot information we previously had:

[...] What happens when a luxurious yacht sails into Killaragh (sic) harbour and an impeccably dressed denim-clad Yankee walks through the town? He's an American with pockets full of money and an agenda. A fifty-year-old love story comes to a final close and a new love blossoms as the people learn the power of humour, passion, love and the American dollar. [...]
Meanwhile, Donna Freydkin of USA Today sheds more light on The Monday Before Thanksgiving's plot and general existence. She quotes director Courteney Cox as saying:

[...] "My short's about a girl, played by Laura Dern, who has a chance encounter on a bus that confirms the decision she makes to be single and reinforces her faith in herself." ... "I have so many single friends. It's tough. This story speaks to people. You don't have to have someone complete you." [...]
Freydkin goes on to explain:

[...] [Cox is] making her directing debut as part of Glamour magazine's 2008 Reel Moments series of short films. The project, which is in its fourth year, has enabled stars such as Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jennifer Aniston to go behind the camera. This year, Cox, Demi Moore and screenwriter Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith ... get their shot. The shorts, sponsored by Suave, will be unveiled at a Los Angeles premiere Oct. 14 and afterward can be seen online at [...]
After the Rains

As well as several New York Times readers raving about Rains, a few You Tubers have been sharing their thoughts. Examples include:

[...] This movie is so awesome! Man! I just saw it, the whole movie is so surprising! and exciting in between! [...]

[...] Great movie. We loved it. [...]

[...] Incredible film. [...]

Also, an evaluation we missed from May, offered by edzia:

[...] Before the Rains is a visually soothing ... journey into history, time, and the interaction between human and nature. It is not just a simple fairytale or a simple story; rather it embodies a conflict between different emotions known to man. There is the conflict between loyalty and righteousness, ... the conflict between skin and soul, and all this has been vividly explore[d] among the beautiful landscapes in the heartland of South India.

Before the Rains is not only a tribute to the frailty of ... humans but it salutes the whole gamut of emotions which makes us humans ... socially active. The concept of social media takes its roots in these very primitive emotions through which [people] interact with other[s], yearn for lovers, pledge their loyalty and at the same time manipulate other people to achieve their ends and means. [...]

Any other business

  • See India Info for Rains' Nandita Das chatting about her first directorial venture set to be shown at the TIFF.
  • Take a peek at Sonia Kishkovsky's blog if you're about to visit Moscow and have been wondering where you can find a Bakunin monument.
  • Next, if you've ever lingered over Mr Bingley's soup or Mr Darcy's peaches, see this old New Statesman piece on the role of food in Jane Austen's novels.
  • And last but not least, visit the History Forum for a piece on the Russian intelligentsia with brief Utopian quotage. (Any excuse for a bit of that.)

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