Sunday, August 03, 2008

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The Pride and the Glory
  • Good news, everyone. A fab new trailer for Pride and Glory was released a couple of days ago. On the downside, it includes even less footage of Jennifer Ehle than the first one! Still, the movie looks very exciting. Both Trailer 1 and Trailer 2 can be seen at youtube.
  • In response, Filmstalker has posted some musings and speculations about the upcoming film and hopes that the trailer does not turn out to be one huge spoiler, but rather, "just the beginning of the thriller." (Perhaps Ms Ehle is the movie's secret weapon?)

Out and About

Wishful Casting

  • We don't have any genuine casting announcements to make at the moment, but "the Shelver" over at The Shelf Life blog has included Jennifer Ehle in a "dream cast" for a movie based on the new novel Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society. Here is a description of Sophie, Ms Ehle's suggested character:
    [...] Sidney's sister Sophie is Juliet's closest friend. She and Juliet have known each other since boarding school and Sophie is Juliet's touchstone. Jennifer Ehle would be perfect! Juliet is wooed by a rich American publisher who appreciates her intellectual attributes as much as her physical ones. He's a little cocky, and very, very self-assured. Dermot Mulroney fits the bill perfectly. [...]
    Sounds intriguing, methinks, but how about Jennifer Ehle as Juliet instead?! She's overdue for another strong leading role and Juliet sounds like a good fit:
    [... ] The book is told primarily from the point of view of Juliet Ashton, a reporter for the Spectator during WWII, and now a writer in search of a meaningful subject for her next book. [more]

The Rain Gauge

  • The wonderfully named Betsy Pickle of the Knoxville News Sentinel lauds all four members of the Before the Rains acting quartet:
    [...] Bose gives an outstanding performance as T.K. He has a way of watching what's going on around him so intensely that his thought processes are impossible to misread. Roache ("Law & Order," "Priest") is perfect as the pleasant, new-experience-embracing entrepreneur who reverts to type when things go south. Das is compelling as the sensual but ultimately naive Sajani. Ehle ("Pride & Prejudice") brings more to the screen than the loving wife she first seems. [...]
  • Jeremiah Robert Wierenga of Boise Weekly speaks of the "always charming Jennifer Ehle," but wishes the film had been longer so the characters could have been more fully developed: (*slight spoiler alert*)
    [...] I rarely feel like a film deserves more than two hours of my attention, but in this case 98, minutes simply isn't enough. More detail on the Indian independence movement would have helped flesh out the story, and although all the actors admirably portray their characters, you can see there is much more to each of their stories. Henry's belief in his own omnipotence is shattered, but we don't get to see the aftermath, nor are we satisfied with his conflict over throwing T.K. to the wolves. We barely glimpse the depths in Sajani and Laura, both of whom love Henry and are crushed by his betrayal. [...]
  • A blogger in South Africa, who attended the Durban Film Festival, saw "beauty in Before the Rains."
    That was all I wanted to say. I experienced the beauty in tonights gem of the film fest. I wish I could see it again.
Leapin' Lizzies

  • Many thanks to the fan who sent us the links to these high-resolution photos from Pride and Prejudice. Enjoy!

(My apologies for the late postiness, everyone. I had a K9 emergency this weekend.)

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