Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A great reason for time travel

Glory Glory
  • While we are not exactly inundated with comments on the new Pride and Glory release date (co-writer and blogger Joe Carnahan is on holiday for a start), there is some anticipatory glee from another Joe at Moviedrome:
[...] This looks like it's got a good premise, great cast...and strong production values. Can't wait. [...]

(For anyone in Belgium meanwhile, IMDb now gives your release date for the movie as November 19, 2008. In America, it will be out October 24.)

The weather forecast
  • CNN have a fairly large updated piece on the Before the Rains, seemingly bringing old and new thoughts together:
[...] It is roads, of all things, that Indian director Santosh Sivan cites as the inspiration behind his exquisite English-language debut "Before the Rains." ... Sivan has managed to conjure up the Kerala of his childhood recollections - and there can be few films that evoke India's natural beauty more breathtakingly. [...]
The large amount of quotage from Sivan that they give derives from their video interview with the director. It includes speakage from Linus Roache, and looks like it was filmed during the EIFF. (NB: Notice Sivan's 'we had wonderful actors, like Jennifer...')
  • August's edition of Empire magazine (not available online) gives a contented three stars - hailing the director and his cast:
[...] [Sivan] does a fine job, but it's a shame he didn't have a bigger canvas - [Rains] lacks the Lean-esque scope to match its emotional scale. Still...the casting, particularly of the leads (Jennifer Ehle also stars) is spot on. [...]
  • On the rest of the net, filmgoer Ralph considers the film to be:
[...] a beautifully photographed period piece...with particular attention to the costumes. There’s nothing wrong with the pacing or the length of the movie. The acting is fine... [...]
  • According to Simon, the current IDEA magazine (unavailable online) notes that the film:
[...] captures the clash of cultures and religions as the characters struggle to do the right thing. [...]
  • The film's official website also points to a few reviews we have missed, firstly from June. Karen Durbin of Elle Magazine described the film as 'beautiful' adding that [its] intelligence and capacity for surprise keep things exhilarating.' Secondly, Jeffrey Lyons from NBC's Reel Talk (link unavailable) is quoted as saying Before the Rains was 'a deeply absorbing movie'.
  • A reminder that you can order or download the lovely Rains soundtrack, or pre-order the Rains DVD, all via Amazon.
  • A quick note to Britishers - only nine days to go. In the meantime, MyFilms are giving away ten pairs of tickets for an advance screening in Central London on July 22. You can enter the competition as many times as you want up to the 20th. (Also, using the 'Where It's On' feature on this page, you can sign up to be alerted when/if the film comes to cinemas near you.)
Lizzys and Larry
  • Lastly in the P&P blogosphere, one lady was unimpressed with the 1940 version of Pride and Prejudice and kept wanting to make a particular addition from the 1995 version:
[...] I found myself wishing for Jennifer Ehle to be transported through time into the role. Not only is she a better Elizabeth than Greer, but then I could see her act with the legendary Laurence Olivier, who makes a wonderful Darcy. [...]

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