Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fewer tidbits and a distinct lack of desserts

  • Voices from Russia have a small piece on the Russian version of The Coast of Utopia, in which they bat around more thoughts on the play's characters and ideas. They also provide further explanation as to how May's Stanford University event came about:
[...] An international cultural and educational project [was] initiated by Tom Stoppard. The project, known as “Strolling Along the Coast of Utopia”, incorporated essay and review contests and open disputes in which the participants mulled over freedom and despotism, and personality and society. Some members of the disputes gathered at an international symposium at Stanford University. [...]
(For video/audio/general information on the Stanford shenanigans, see past posts).
  • Today's thoughts on Before the Rains come from Jean Lowerison of the San Diego Metropolitan, who says 'this beautiful if standard-issue story is both well directed and rivetingly shot'. Reviews we appear to have missed come from Tim Cogshell (Boxoffice), Duane Dudek (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) and Wolf Entertainment who mention 'fine actress Jennifer Ehle'.

  • Brits might be interested to know that the UK's BBFC have just rated The Russell Girl a PG, possibly a sign of an upcoming Region 2 DVD release. Sofa Cinema actually give a date of 21 July 08, but there does not appear to be any corroboration of this at present.

  • For those with an appetite for Austen-era fashions, see pieces by Huffenglish and The Jane Austen Centre, which will introduce the words 'pelisse', 'reticule' and 'sarsenet' into your vocabulary. See either link for a picture of Ms Ehle sporting a 'spencer' in Pride and Prejudice.

  • In the same vein, there has been heightened activity over at our Chat Extension of late, prompted by one reviewer's inference (scroll down) that Jennifer Ehle and Susannah Harker wore Jane Austen's actual topaz crosses during filming. Pictures of both suggest this is unlikely, but feel free to join in the real vs. replica debate!

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