Saturday, March 22, 2008

Film Festival Fun

As our Tagboard "Tippie" has graciously pointed out, we have good news! It has been announced that Before the Rains will be shown at both the Sarasota and Tribeca film festivals in the next couple of months.
  • The Sarasota Film Festival in Florida will begin April 4 and continue through April 13. According to the film guide at the official website, Before the Rains will be screened on April 8 and April 9. Here is what they have to say about the movie:
    The lush, humid days of colonial India provide the backdrop for Santosh Sivan's BEFORE THE RAINS. Sivan tells the story of Henry Moores (Linus Roache), a colonial entrepreneur seeking to build a road through the Indian jungle in order to expand his spice business. Moore's right hand man is T.K. (Rahulk Bose), a local who is unwittingly wrapped up in an illicit extramarital affair. Soon, rumors spread and tensions escalate against the promise of impending monsoons. BEFORE THE RAINS is an engaging period drama of the highest order.
    They also add that director Santosh Sivan is expected to attend. Click here to find out how to purchase tickets.

  • New York's Tribeca Film Festival will take place between April 23 and May 4. The film schedule has not yet been posted, but it should be available soon. For box office information, visit the Tribeca website. Also, the Hollywood Reporter has a brief article about the films that will be showcased at Tribeca:
    The Tribeca Film Festival's final Spotlight, Showcase and Restored/Rediscovered sections were unveiled Monday, featuring more pickups from other recent fests than any in Tribeca history. The fest's complete list of 122 features seems to emphasize quality over quantity, with fewer films featuring name stars and directors available for acquisition than last year and more award winners from other festivals in the mix. [...]

Lastly, I just want to remind our state-side population that The Complete Jane Austen will resume this Sunday (March 23) with the 1996 adaptation of Emma starring Kate Beckinsale. Happy Easter!

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