Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dearest, softest Elizabeth!

The news fairies are evidently on holiday at the moment, but here is what little there is:

On March 6, director Jack O'Brien received his own caricature at the legendary Sardi's, and as is clear, a certain lady was in attendance! The photo is from Wireimage, who also have another very similar one. For the story itself, see Theatermania. Tom Stoppard, Amy Irving and Patricia Conolly also gave their support. Click here and scroll down for pictures of that trio.

Sticking with Utopia, Russianites might be interested to know that from March 23, Amazon are selling a marginally rejigged version of Isaiah Berlin's Political Ideas in the Romantic Age. If you have yet to tackle Russian Thinkers however, that book is now available for the astonishingly low-ruble deal of $3.20. Other worthwhile reads if you missed the extravaganza back in 2006/7 are E. H. Carr's The Romantic Exiles, and Alexander Herzen's My Past and Thoughts.

The minuscule amount of LRN:

  • The folks at the AustenBlog discuss Elizabeth Newark's Pride and Prejudice sequel The Darcy's Give a Ball, revolving around the offspring of Lizzy and Darcy.

  • And lastly, if any more proof is needed that the world is Austen-crazy, one can now purchase - courtesy of the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, England - Elizabeth Bennet Hand Cream. Fragrant thought indeed. Just be careful not to accidentally mistake it for marmalade.

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