Friday, October 20, 2006

Lincoln Center Theater Review

Again a case of good news/bad news. The good: the fall 2006 issue of the Lincoln Center Theater Review is entirely dedicated to The Coast of Utopia. There are articles by Tom Stoppard, various scholars and writers, plus an excerpt of Turgenev. Nerdilicious, no? The bad news is that so far, only the text of the first article can be read (Stoppard on Isaiah Berlin); the other tantalising links go to blank pages. Edit: we jumped the gun a bit; the webmaster says that the site's temporarily live for testing and should be fully functional by the end of the day.

Another BWW forumer, NYadgal, just returned from tonight's preview of Voyage. She says that the show's an "extraordinary piece of theatre" in remarkable shape for the third preview despite a few technical glitches, that Mr Easton's stand-in did a wonderful job, and that Billy Crudup's perf was masterful. Also of interest is the list of background reading she excerpts from the Playbill:

'Russian Thinkers' by Isaiah Berlin
'The Romantic Exiles' by Edward Hallett (E.H.) Carr
'Natasha's Dance: A Cultural History of Russia' by Orlando Figes
'My Past and Thoughts' by Alexander Herzen
'Indiana' by George Sand
'A Sportsman's Sketches' by Ivan Turgenev
'Fathers and Sons' by Ivan Turgenev

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