Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More Tonys action

There's a link off the site Chelsea posted below with reactions of the Tony winners. Silly question of the year goes to...

Chat Moderator: How does it feel to compete against your mother for an award and are there any hard feelings?

Jennifer Ehle: As far as I'm aware, there are no hard feelings whatsoever. I would be utterly stunned if there ever were to be.

It never felt like a competition. It would be impossible for five actresses in five different plays by different playwrights in different theatres to compete.

This is a great honor and I saw nothing but happiness and warmth coming from my parents when I accepted the award.


Chelsea said...

ahh, I dunno, we asked some whoppers ourselves. Although they weren't in the same year ;)

Jennite said...

True, heh. But come on, what were they expecting? "Oh yes, my mother won't talk to me now. HAHA in her face"

I don't think so!