Thursday, September 06, 2012

Jennifer Ehle at New Yorker Festival

 The Art of Period Acting
Jennifer is scheduled to participate in one of the panel discussions at the 2012 New Yorker Festival, as mentioned in the Lineup Preview.

On Saturday, October 6th,  {...} Panel discussions {... including} the art of period acting (with Jennifer Ehle, Cherry Jones, John Slattery, and Dan Stevens)
Can we all squeee now?
The festival's site promises complete programming information on Monday, September 10th, and that tickets go on sale at noon E.T. on Friday, September 14th.

Other news

Robocop  (release date 9 August 2013 USA) is going forward, filming beginning this week in Toronto, per this Sept 4th report at On Location Vacations

So, there's September (Toronto) & October (New York) 2012 sorted, for now.

Also, Glass Chin (release date September 2013 USA) details (as far as they are known) have now been moved from the imdbPro section to the able-to-be-seen-by-all section of imdb. No filming dates given, but the shooting location, I'm guessing from the descriptions given, is in/around New York City.

So, there's August & September 2013 sorted, for now, as far as movie-going is concerned!

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Anonymous said...

There's another favorable review for JE in Love, Marilyn from Variety, Sept 23.