Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Finally Some Reel News

A first look at Zero Dark Thirty in this trailer at Entertainment Weekly features our favorite!

And it's at  YouTube too:

It seems the wraps have been on so long regarding this film that it’s wonderful to see actual evidence. And the voices and scenes so well-selected too. Thank you trailer-makers!

ZDT's planned release date is still 19 December 2012.


Also ...
Mentioned at many many sources (all quoting each other, I imagine): Jennifer is in talks for a role in the Robocop remake. Supposedly the character is Liz Kline, a name not in the original so nothing is known about the scope of the role.  The project is in pre-production with a planned USA release date of 9 August 2013.

This article at Deadline  was the earliest mention I saw. It has quite a cast so far!

Glass Chin , a film that I can’t find much about, has Jennifer listed as a cast member playing a character named Mae. It’s described as ‘in development’ at imdb and they don’t give much to go on other than the cast list which is available in the ‘pro’ section at the site. A 2013 release date is projected. We’ll have to be on the lookout for news.   


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this info and trailer. I was hoping she'll be back in the limelight soon. Miss her very much. Hope she gets a new TV series or be back on stage.

Anonymous said...

Brillent I can't wait for this movie Bid ladan did rune my 16th birthday glad to see Jennifer is in this movie. I also hope that she has a good part in Robcop she is a breillent actress and desreves a few good roles.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see her again, her beauty and her actress performances.

Anonymous said...

I think JE can be seen in the latest ZDT poster (Nov 7). (The letters of the movie title are composed of shots of the actors/set. JE's in the 'I' of THIRTY.