Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Gifted Man Reviews

Last night was the season premiere of A Gifted Man, which seems to have kicked off to a great start with viewing figures at 9.3 million, according to various sources. However, the show does seem to have some mixed reviews with the press, though mostly criticising the plot rather than any of the actors.

The Not So Favourable Reviews:

A CNN critic wrote that:
“If you watched only the first ten to 15 minutes of CBS’ “A Gifted Man” and then changed the channel, it’d be understandable.”

The San Francisco Chronicle says:
"The fact that the show is airing Friday night suggests CBS has its doubts about its longevity" Although I'm sure that a lot of people would disagree with this!

Another at the AV club appears to be of the opinion that it was better suited to being a film rather than a TV series.

The Good Reviews:

It seems that Jennifer has nothing but praise though with Rachel Reitsleff of Assignment X claiming that
“Ehle brings what can best be termed as a state of grace to Anna – she is warm, sincere and likable, while providing just the right dose of the ethereal to go with the character’s current condition.”

Inside Pulse says:
“Its [A Gifted Man's] greatest strength is in Patrick Wilson and Jennifer Ehle who capture the screen whenever they are together. Their scenes are endearing and humorous at times, creating two likable characters by the end of the episode.”

Lastly, The Denver Post thinks that Jennifer “has an ethereal, Streep-ish quality”


Anonymous said...

Jennifer was great in the few moments we saw her, but the show? Well, it's lame. Even Jenn won't be able to keep it alive. I am really sorry to see JE engaged in such a trite show

MaryFaithPeace said...

I only watch because of Jen and with every passing show, she's on less & less. The funniest moments are when she's around tweaking Patrick's mind, while he's trying to have a serious conversation with someone else. The show needs that banter between the principals. Instead, they keep adding characters with every passing week. This tends to water down an already simple plot. No, I won't be surprised if the network cnacels this show.

Anonymous said...

After the show (AGM) is over...the creators and writers should officially apologize to you know who. Or even better, they should lean over, grap their ankles and let JE kick them...HARD!