Saturday, September 10, 2011

Go home and wash your hands

Today is the US release date for Contagion! Plus, after months of waiting there is now only TWO WEEKS to go until the premiere of A Gifted Man on CBS so you'd better get the popcorn out on standby!

On a rather different note it appears that Steven Soderbergh, the director of Contagion, is a fan of Jennifer's, he praises her in this indiewire article where Jennifer's quoted as saying:

“This came out of the blue for me,” she said. “I usually have to audition and sort of jump through hoops and I didn’t for this. It completely blew me away for somebody that I admire as much as Steven to have that kind of faith that I could do it. I also took it assuming that, the same way I took the part in ‘Michael Clayton,’ assuming that probably it would be cut, but that I would have a wonderful experience meanwhile doing it, and that didn’t happen this time.”

Jennifer has also been in several video interviews recently during her time at the Venice film festival, including this one with Laurence Fishburne:

Meanwhile, Contagion has had its NYC premier, there are pictures of Jennifer here at Zimbio.


Ryu said...

just watched the film - you looked very good - I hope you get more high profile projects...our family must have watched Pride and Prejudice a dozen times :-)

Anonymous said...

Watch the film and see the genius at work, both as an actress and as a scientist.