Friday, June 15, 2007

"My dress won a Tony!"

Well, I think the Tonys craziness is subsiding, and I believe we've covered all of the photos and videos out there. Still, here are a few more Tony tidbits and random finds (and discussion of fashion, which seems inevitable post-awards!)

  • At Day Life, you can see a neato slideshow of pictures of Jennifer Ehle at the Tonys. (The photos, which have already been posted, are from getty images).
  • Woot! named Jennifer Ehle a "Tony Trendsetter" in fashion and gave her the award for Best Neckline: "Her plunging Carolina Herrera showed the perfect amount of skin." Martha Plimpton placed fifth in the Best Dressed category, and Billy Crudup was applauded for bringing back the classic tuxedo. Way to go Utopians!
  • Livejournaler shigella also loved Ms Ehle's corseted dress, calling her "Tony Awards Eye Candy." The discussion that follows her post is somewhat, umm, entertaining as well.
  • On the other hand, bakerloo called her dress "horrendous" and theparkbencher concluded that she had the most "misguided dress:
    [...] Now this is a difficult category, but I’m going to have to go with Jennifer Ehle, who won Best Featured Actress in a Play for The Coast of Utopia. I decided on her instead of Cynthia Nixon’s Unfortunate Neckline Styling 2007, only because I expected more from Elizabeth Bennett. I love Jennifer Ehle and I want her to always be lovely. And she was, but the dress was terribly misguided. [...]
    To each his own!
  • Panekattack talks about watching the Tonys ceremony on television and gives a very interesting tidbit about Jennifer Ehle's dress:
    [...] On the other hand, our utter rapture was unmeasurable when Jennifer Ehle won Best Supporting Actress in a Play: Moises' close friend designed Ms. Ehle's dress upon his recommendation. "My dress won a Tony!" he proclaimed. [...]
  • Also on the fashion front, Zoe commends Jennifer Ehle's choice of jewelry:
    [...] Jennifer Ehle who won best actress for The Coast of Utopia wore a simple diamond bracelet...Sometimes, as these classy ladies have shown, it is more impressive to pick one or two amazing pieces of jewelry that accentuate your image than to pick one that overwhelms it. Take a note from their book. [...]
  • Robert Osborn of the Hollywood Reporter had this to declare: "The most elegant ladies onstage [were] the classy Angela Lansbury and best featured actress winner Jennifer Ehle." He also made mention of the new edition of "Forbidden Broadway," which began on Wednesday:
    [...] All those Tony wins for "The Coast of Utopia" definitely add oomph to "Forbidden Broadway: The Roast of Utopia," the special summer retrospective edition of the "Forbidden Broadway" franchise that debuts Wednesday and runs through August 22 at the 47th Street Theatre. Not only will Tom Stoppard's nine-hour marathon be royally spoofed, but so will Sunday's other big Tony champ, "Spring Awakening," as well as "Mary Poppins" and other current shows, mixed in with encores of the most popular "Forbidden" parodies from the past 25 years. [...]
  • FOXNews gives Jennifer Ehle some Tonys kudos and provides us with a quote:
    [...] And congrats, too, to Jennifer Ehle, who picked up her second Tony, this time for "The Coast of Utopia." Ehle is the daughter of famed actress Rosemary Harris, but she told me she still hasn't had a chance to see her mom in "Spider-Man 3" as Aunt May." I hear she's great, but I've been in the play," she said. [...]
  • Lonecub of MySpace was a fan of Ms Ehle's acceptance speech: "I also refuse to talk about how endearing Julie White's speech was or for that matter Jennifer Ehle's speech." I cannot imagine how anyone could think otherwise!
  • Times Online has an article about Tom Stoppard beating the record for most Tony wins by a play.
    [...] “I would be more than happy to have equalled the playwright of Death of a Salesman and a contemporary of mine, Alan Bennett,” Stoppard said after the awards ceremony on Sunday night. [...]
  • There is a also quote by Jack O'Brien at the Associated Press:
    [...] "It's betrayal, marriage, families, the DNA of social change," said "Coast" director Jack O'Brien. "I never imagined that the city, the community would ever embrace this." [...]
  • Speaking of Jack O'Brien, Playbill tells us that the production of Puccini's Il trittico that he directed will be airing on PBS this week as part of the Great Performances at the Met series. (This is his other triology.) There is some discussion of this at All That Chat as well.
  • Also on Playbill are some photos from the Outer Critics Circle Awards. (They are a little behind!) There are none of Jennifer Ehle, but Martha Plimpton and Jack O'Brien are shown.
  • Remember that the Tonys telecast was up against the finale of The Sopranos? Well, Slate has noted further coincidences and connections between the two Tonys.
  • Smore2 of All That Chat has some gripes about the Tony Awards and feels that The Coast of Utopia had an unfair advantage over the other plays. Pffttttt.
  • Oy! Apparently Pride and Glory's release date has been pushed back to March 14, 2008.

For my own amusement: Many viewers of this year's Tony Awards were surprised to discover that "Lizzy Bennet" is in fact a blonde American.

  • Freyalorelei said, "In between I watched a bit of the Tony awards, and apparently Jennifer Ehle has an American accent. It was like finding out that Santa Claus isn't real. :)"
  • More bewilderment from CaptainOz: "(eww...Jennifer Ehle has blond hair. She looks so *not* like Liz Bennett. Holy crap! She's not even British!! Good God, I've been totally bamboozled. I'm watching the Tony Awards, btw...and Jennifer Ehle just won for whatever show she's in. Hmm. I'm just weirded out."
  • Isabel79 was similarly bamboozled: "What the phage!?! Jennifer Ehle (best know as Lizzie Bennet in P&P 1995) isn't British!?! "
  • And, Persephone33 explains, "I did NOT predict Jennifer Ehle winning best supporting actress. I'm so glad she did, and was flabbergasted to hear that her natural accent is decidedly not British. (It gives us non-Brit actresses with passable accents hope.) She's my Lizzie. Love her."

(I don't know why I get such a kick out of these!)

Finally, go to YouTube to see Triumph the Insult Comic Dog interview Martha Plimpton (and other celebrities) on the Tonys red carpet. It is well worth it.

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