Friday, June 29, 2007

It was a pleasure to be beaten by you

Just when you thought we were finished gabbing about the Tonys...
  • Confessions of a Paparazzi reveals her secrets to star-spotting outside of Radio City Music Hall before, during, and after the Tonys ceremony. It is pretty impressive (and by impressive I mean a little scary!) She also posts the photos she took, including one of Martha Plimpton. The caption reads:
    On the side of RCMH there is a "Stage Door" (Martha Plimpton in green dress smoking a cigarette after losing to her costar in Coast of Utopia). The stage door is exactly across the street from an entrance to Rockefeller Headquarters.
    She also caught "Tom Stoppard and his Tony make[ing] their way to the press room."
  • Janice posts a belated Tonys fashion report. Under the category "Better in Person?" she says, "I think this gown on Jennifer Ehle (looking not at all like her appearance in Pride and Prejudice) is flattering but a necklace would be good and the top seems a little too tailored for the Tonys." In the "Don't Believe Live Would Save It" category she opines, "This dress on Martha Plimpton reminds me of occasions when I've had trouble with metallic wrapping paper." Ouch.
  • Christopher Rawson of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reviews his Tony predictions:
    If you play the predictions game, you have to 'fess up. So I went back to look at my Tony Awards predictions and discovered I scored just 18 out of 25. I did worst on actors in a play, missing three out of four: With Jennifer Ehle, I guess I underestimated the impact of her nude scene, and with Billy Crudup, I was misled by my rooting for Anthony Chisholm. That's the reverse of how I missed David Hyde Pierce, who was my rooting preference for best actor in a musical.
  • The Star-Ledger has a cute article about The Coast of Utopia's Erika Rolfsrud, in which she discusses her latest project. She also reminisces about her days as a serf:
    [...] That was a good choice, for she eventually worked at the city's Old Globe Theater with such high-powered directors as Dan ("Proof") Sullivan and Jack ("Hairspray") O'Brien, who respectively directed her as Imogen in "Cymbeline" and Masha in "The Sea Gull." O'Brien later cast her in the nine-hour trilogy "The Coast of Utopia," the centerpiece of the 2006-07 Broadway season. "I was a lowly serf," she says. "Amy Irving got to beat me. Off stage, she was lovely though, and I'll always treasure her note that said, 'It was a pleasure beating you every night.' I just had to write back and say, 'And it was such a pleasure to be beaten by you.'" [...]
  • The Coast of Utopia is among the ten plays selected to be in "The Best Plays Yearbook" of 2006-07. The book will include an essay about Utopia by Charles Wright. See BroadwayWorld and Playbill for more details.
  • Bearcat of All That Chat asks what many of us are wondering: When will the Lincoln Center version of The Coast of Utopia become available in print? I don't believe it has been announced as yet.

In other news:

  • Jenna posts a video preview of the upcoming film about Jane Austen called Becoming Jane and suggests that none other than Jennifer Ehle should have been cast as Jane. (Good idea, but I have to say that there are more compelling arguments than "She's not that old!")
  • The Janites on the James blog recently held a "Battle of the Darcys" and it seems that Colin Firth has won the title. No surprises here! Click here to view the results.
  • In Variety's "Summertime Oscar Talk," Pride and Glory had been included in the "preliminary awards-contender" list and Colin Farrell had been listed as a potential Best Actor. Alas, since the movie's release date has been pushed back to March 14, 2008 (post-Oscar eligibility), it has been stricken from the lists.
  • And lastly, has a video of Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi joshing each other on the set of Spider-Man 2. Rosemary Harris is shown briefly, commenting on their relationship.

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Vic said...

Jennifer continues to be and will always be my Lizzie favorite in Pride and Prejudice. Thank you for the shout out!