Tuesday, May 22, 1990


  • Are these questions actually frequently asked? Was this post actually written in May 1990?
    Nope. But "Infrequently Asked Questions" just doesn't have the same ring. And no, this post was not written before the Internet was a wee twinkle in Al Gore's eye; the blog was actually created in May 2005. We backdate long posts to April/May 1990.
  • What should I know about Jennifer Ehle?
    The fansite has just about everything you need to know, but here are a few handy facts.

    • She is the only daughter of actress Rosemary Harris and writer John Ehle. News about their careers is sometimes posted here as well.
    • She is married to writer Michael Ryan and has a son, George. They reside in upstate New York.
    • She is not British, at least not completely. She was born in North Carolina, her father is North Carolinan, her husband is American, and they all live in the US. In the fan interview, she says she considers herself American. It is true, however, that she studied and worked in the UK for a long time, and her mother is from there.
    • Ms Ehle attended the Central School of Speech and Drama, as well as the North Carolina School of the Arts. She pulled out before graduation as she was cast in The Camomile Lawn. Among the 18 schools she attended are Interlochen Arts Academy and Queen's College.
    • She is not a brunette, nor a redhead. She is in fact blondeish.
    • Her current accent is American with hints of British.
    • She won a BAFTA for her role in Pride and Prejudice and a Tony for The Real Thing.

    The fan interview also contains lots of interesting tidbits about Ms Ehle. For example, her first time onstage was as a toddler in A Streetcar Named Desire.

  • How do I contact Jennifer Ehle?
    You can try mailing her via her agents or the theatre she is currently working at.

    London: ICM
    This has been tested before and apparently works- people have received signed photos etc.

    Jennifer Ehle
    c/o Sally Long-Innes
    Oxford House,
    76 Oxford St
    London W1N0AX
    United Kingdom

    New York: Endeavor
    This is the most recent we have.

    Jennifer Ehle
    c/o Bonnie Bernstein
    152 West 57th Street, 25th Floor
    New York
    NY 10019

    Los Angeles: Endeavor
    Likewise new and untested. Especially unsure about this one, since some links on the web say it's 9701 not 9601 Wilshire Blvd. I'd recommend the above two addresses.

    Jennifer Ehle
    c/o Brian Swardstrom
    9601 Wilshire Boulevard, 3rd Floor
    Beverly Hills
    CA 90212
  • Who are you?
    The blog team over the years has included Chelsea, Tina, Abigail, Kate, Janet and Ceci. We're just fans - not officially connected to Ms Ehle in any way. Emails sent to the blog's email address, ehleblog@gmail.com, are read by us, not her.
  • How do I navigate around this place?
    It is rather confusing, sorry. If you want to read chronologically, the most current news is on the front page. On the right hand column, there are links to archives, which are collapsible. You can read a whole month's posts by clicking on the name of the month, or select individual posts by name. To read things by category, select one under the "labels" heading. We haven't completed labelling all our archives yet. If you ever want to return to the front page, click on the heading or the picture of Ms Ehle up the top.
  • I am Jennifer Ehle [or her agent or her lawyer or a journalist or a blogger or the FBI/ASIO or a random passerby] and I find XYZ offensive [or intrusive or illegal or otherwise unsavoury].
    If the former: HOLY CRAP! WELCOME! SO SORRY! If any of the latter: likewise, very sorry. Just post a comment or send an e-mail explaining your complaint, and the offensive post will be modified or deleted.
  • You guys rock! What can I do to thank you?
    Definitely an inFAQ, but we live in hope. If you're Official, you could provide us with news about Ms Ehle's past, current or upcoming projects. If you're a fan, you can write a report from her shows or new DVDs, or transcribe DVD features . You could also help us find materials: magazine articles, photos, scans, professional reviews, etc. If you own a website, a link to the blog would be greatly appreciated. And please comment on posts or in the forum. We'd like to get to know you.
  • How did you manage to get that fan interview?!
    Around May 2005, a fan letter was sent to Ms Ehle explaining about the blog and enclosed a list of questions as a long shot. A few months later, contact was made regarding some privacy issues, and through that the topic of the questions was brought up again. Submissions from fans were sought, and the rest is history.
  • What are the highlights of this blog?
    Glad you asked. Look on the list of categories on the right; most of the good stuff is in "interviews", "multimedia" and "photos". If you're looking for specific entries, you can use the search bar at the top.
  • What is your privacy policy?
    Unacceptable: anything relating to her family, or her private life, including

    • Photos, encounters, gossip, etc about Ms Ehle's husband and child. However, we do blog about Rosemary Harris and John Ehle in their public roles.
    • "Stalkerazzi" photos, eg. from the supermarket, park, etc.
    • Encounters from colleagues

    Acceptable: basically anything work-related, including

    • Stage door encounter stories
    • Stage door photos
    • Other work-related photos: including premieres, fundraisers, awards shows, etc.
    • Other work-related links, written materials like reviews, news about projects, trivia, interviews, articles, blog posts, etc.
    • Stories from colleagues about their own filming experience (eg. own impressions of the work and atmosphere, things not specifically about Ms Ehle)

    If you have been linked or quoted here and object to being so, please send us an e-mail and we'll remove it. Also, if you have any comments on or suggestions for the posting policy, don't hesitate to contact us at ehleblog@gmail.com. Furthermore, we try to be vigilant, but we may accidentally violate our own policy; if you notice this, please let us know.


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