Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Movie Journal  ~ Several hours after first posting to this entry, I'm updating to add this link to a fascinating account of behind the scenes at the New York Film Critics Circle awards voting and how consensus was reached, which was posted at Movie Journal.

“Awards season just got serious.”

The New York Film Critics Circle Awards, in place for more that 70 years, are considered the first major film awards of the season, and can often be a harbinger of how Oscars are handed out.  The NYFCC Awards have successfully chosen (predicted?), as their Best Picture winners, an impressive 43% of the Best Picture Oscar winners.

Best Picture Zero Dark Thirty
Best Director Kathryn Bigelow Zero Dark Thirty
Best Cinematographer Greig Fraser Zero Dark Thirty

The NYFCC awards ceremonies will be held January 7th.
This is going to be a fun awards season.

A note on the making of the film –
In an interview Scott Adkins said “I wasn’t allowed to see a script because of the top-secret nature of the project. ... But what was frustrating was getting the lines thirty minutes before you’ve to go on and perform. But with these big budget films, you're not exactly rushed and you have enough time to get this thing right.”

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