Wednesday, October 28, 2009

At the Scene

A Family Outing

Filming of A Game of Thrones has begun in earnest. Comments and summaries can be seen at the invaluable Winter-Is-Coming blog (Thank you, Phil!) Visit often, for it is updated during the day as additional information comes to light, plus the reader comments are always interesting.
Today's entry covers Day 4: Filming at Doune Castle with the promise:
"As usual, keep it here for updates throughout the day."

Yesterdays coverage of Day 3 contains news of interest to readers of this blog, including reports from eyewitnesses on set, predominantly quoted from the Westeros forum.
Post #145 by Crakehall "Jennifer Ehle was there and looking very Catelyn-like, which, in my mind, is beautiful and motherly. ... "
Post #150 from JacMac30 "Jennifer Ehle, couldn't see her outfit. She was wandering outside the castle with her baby. Her husband and son turned up later. Hair quite ginger (long wig unless her hair is very long these days). More ginger than I expected. Not what I'd call auburn but then it may look different under studio lights and on camera. It was tied back in multiple plaits.

I'm bitterly envious of these two and all others lucky enough to be present. The reports of filming and production indicate that no effort is being spared or detail overlooked. Scotland has been mentioned as a filming location along with Northern Ireland and Morocco. At the same link it is noted that Game of Thrones officially began production on October 24; and if it is picked up by HBO for a full series to expect a premiere in 2010 or 2011. (Nooo, not 2011, too long to wait!!).

G R R Martin reported his own sightings at his not-a-blog
Also ran into Ron Donachie, Jennfier [sic] Ehle, and Kit Harington, and all of them were great ...
In a blog last month he mentioned a Speak & Sign scheduled for next month.
On Tuesday, November 3, I will be speaking and signing at Eason's Bookstore in Belfast. The event begins at 1:00 pm. Or 1300 for you European types.
There's a chance that David and/or Dan will drop by for the Belfast signing, and possibly some of the cast as well, but that's not certain. May depend on how the shoot is going, what's scheduled for that day, what's happening down at the Paint Hall, etc.
[Fingers crossed for one cast member especially.]

Reader Maenad has provided a true link to the G R R M character depictions attributed to Michael Sparks. Here is the new link to the works by Russian artist Amok. Thanks for the new link, Maenad.

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