Friday, June 12, 2009

Tube Tops & Shorts

YouTube offerings Top today's blog

1) This is "the making of" from the movie "This years love" (1999) with Douglas Henshall, Ian Hart, Kathy Burke, Jennifer Ehle, Catherine McCormack and Dougray Scott

2) Jennifer Ehle - Tony Awards 2000 - The Real Thing

3) Jennifer Ehle - Tony Award Memory. On the eve of her second Tony Award in 2007, Jennifer Ehle reflects on her first win

2) & 3) are credited via and were uploaded to YouTube this week by terrykip, definitely a tuber to root for and watch for whose interest appears grounded in the talented object of this blog. Thank you terrykip!

October Quotage Catch-up

This snippet from OK! Magazine's October 23, 2008 article on the Pride And Glory premiere seems to have been overlooked here. We have no problem with playing catch-up though. The article quotes several of the stars, including this from Jennifer Ehle being endearingly modest about being visited by co-stars while commenting on why Colin Farrell might make someone a decent boyfriend.

“He’s incredibly warm, incredibly kind, he’s funny, he’s charming in a very honest way. He came to the trailer and welcomed me on my first day, which is something I wouldn’t expect someone in his position to do. He’s very kind. I think kindness is underrated when looking for a partner.”


Short films being presented at the 15th annual Palm Springs International ShortFest June 23-29 include The Monday Before Thanksgiving with Rosemary Harris.
Recent articles can be found at The Desert Sun and Hollywood Reporter and indieWiIRE

[...] Four actors will have their directorial debuts featured at the Festival including Demi Moore directing “Streak,” starring Brittany Snow, Rumer Willis and Madeline Zima; Courteney Cox-Arquette directing and starring in “The Monday Before Thanksgiving” along with Laura Dern and Rosemary Harris; Marianne Jean-Baptiste directing “Ink,” and Joseph Gordon-Levitt directing “Sparks” starring Carla Gugino and Eric Stoltz.[...]

Is Anybody [down] There"

The Rosemary Harris film Is Anybody There was released in Australia 4 June 2009, giving rise to some more harvestable reviews.

Sandra Hall in The Sydney Morning Herald

Philippa Hawker in The Age - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia "The home's elderly residents are defined by standard sitcom dottiness; actors such as Leslie Phillips, Sylvia Syms, Peter Vaughan and Rosemary Harris deserve better than these sketchily written roles."

Alice Tynan in Trespass Magazine "Rosemary Harris as Elsie does get one wistfully poignant scene, though the rest of the residents are relegated to typical, if compassionately portrayed, stereotypes."

Universal Truths in 140 characters

I once read someone postulating that if Jane Austen had been alive today, she'd be writing scripts for hit sit-coms. That was before Twitter, though. Bind your ribs to prevent cracking before reading this hilarious version of Pride and Prejudice. I'd quote some if it, but it is all so brilliantly funny that I'd have to paste the entire piece.


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