Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yes, Somebody's Here

She's Everywhere

Rosemary Harris's film Is Anybody There? will see a limited release April 17th in the USA, following its reported premier in New York on April 7th. (The film premiered at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival under the title Is There Anybody There? The title changed for the current general release, I suppose, in an obvious ploy to save ink). The UK release will follow on May 1st. Trailer and Photos and more are available at the film's Official Site.

I Told You She's Everywhere

Recently Wendy Goodman talked to Jeremy Irons about a significant dressing room and a play whose title is most topical to this blog.

[...]His current backstage alcove is the exact same one he had in 1984 when he starred with Glenn Close in The Real Thing, for which he won a Tony. He spoke with us about the room's paint job (tomato red) and its other previous occupants.[...]
[...]this is the room I had 25 years ago with The Real Thing, and that is the door that I met, I mean everybody. The door would open and there would be Paul Newman, or Bette Davis. My autograph book [takes it out and shows it to us] has all their signatures. There we are — Rosemary Harris, Louis Malle, Candice Bergen, January 5, 1984. There we are.[...]

How gratifying to be able to provide a link that not only harks back to an earlier The Real Thing but also includes Ms Harris, The Real Deal.

More Pride

The Blu-ray edition of Pride and Prejudice continues to provide comment and discussion, including.one describing career-defining roles from Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle (For we're all aware that Ms Ehle's full name is "Jennifer Pride-and-Prejudice Ehle" just as Ms Harris's is "Rosemary Spiderman Harris") In a more comprehensive and in-depth review Stuart Galbraith IV observes "But the entire cast is terrific, especially Ehle's spirited Elizabeth"

While having some fun at Youtube, Tez (Thank you! Thank you!, Tez) found this rare footage which includes Jennifer Ehle & Colin Firth speaking about their characters, Lizzy and Darcy. Just a lovely find!

The Signs Were There All Along

Recently while viewing some older archived articles, I read one from April 21, 2000. Although it is archived at the JE fansite, as provided to the side of this blog, and therefore probably familiar to many, I was struck that we had somehow not made the connection foreshadowed by this early evidence of chickenphilia as you will note in the Fruit From the Tree section of the NY Times article .

Footnote. Abi and Kate have not completely disappeared. I have no bodies buried in my back yard (except for Rufus, the best dog that ever lived). I'm sure many have missed them here, but let me assure you that once they have finished blotting chocolate drink spillage from their chins, you will hear from them again.

OT: Sincere thanks to everyone who contacted me here and elsewhere to express sympathy for the loss of my sister. I know there are really no words that can take the pain away, but it is nice to receive them.

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