Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sunday: Russell Day!

  • Firstly, happy thought indeed about the above, courtesy of IMDb (where you can see them a little bigger!)
[...] New Line has also pushed back Pride and Glory, which stars Edward Norton and Colin Farrell, from March 14 to an undisclosed date in 2009, with the...rationale of a crippled TV ad campaign touted as the primary factor [...]
The film's official website has yet to comment.
The Star-Ledger describe Ms Harris as a 'belated Christmas present' and applaud, among other things, her ability to remember and solely deliver 100 minutes worth of material.

[...] Harris is an octogenarian, and how many people of any age could commit to memory a one-person show? ... just from the way that [she] makes her entrance - clomping onto the stage with an empty box over her head - she shows someone who refuses to grow old. ...

Harris' portrayal of a 10-year old is consistently smart. She offers the squinty and scrunched-up face of a lad who's trying to understand his fate. She's so accomplished there that an audience could easily overlook her other achievement in making a fully developed "Granny Pink." [...]
CurtainUp meanwhile describe Ms Harris as 'enchanting' and 'luminous'. (Click here if you are getting deja-vu on the 'luminous'.) They also heap praise onto the actress:
[...] Harris's spirited performance easily persuades us where the focus should be. ... she uses the space with considerable élan as winningly as she jumps back and forth in conversation between Granny Pink and Oscar, Oscar and various children in the ward and mainly Oscar and God. [...]
They conclude that despite a few minor faults in the play itself:

[...] the pleasure of watching a gifted pro...undertake this challenging vehicle offers its own reward. [...]

  • Next, to all Stoppardians. For anyone who had wanted to listen to the aforementioned American Conservatory Theater interview with Carey Perloff, all three parts of the podcast are now working. (Yay!) Alternatively, see Inside Bay Area's article which sums up the both important bits of the interview (talk of adaptating Chekhov's Ivanhov) as well as the less important bits (the fact that Sir Tom was wearing 'vibrant red socks'). Mr Stoppard is also listed as an upcoming interviewee for the ATW's Downstage Center program if you are interested.

  • Also, just a reminder - as if you need it - that it is five days until The Russell Girl. (Sunday, Jan. 27, 9-11pm ET/PT on CBS.) But if you are someone living outside the US, for whom CBS sounds more like something you would go to the doctor with, you are not alone! (Although, hold the melancholy - according to eBay, you may be able to get your hands on the series pretty soon - strangely!)

  • Lastly, for a loosely-related laugh, see this YouTube video by performer Josh Halloway, part of comedy ensemble Movie Geek. If you are not a Lost fan, read the 'About This Video' section on the right-hand side first for clarification. Happy viewing!


Anonymous said...

Hiya, about The Russell Girl. Life&Style, we get them for free at work, I swear!, had a review (3 stars out of 4) and here's the lovely bit: 'While Tamblyn easily navigates the heavy plotlines of this TV movie, it's Tony winner Jennifer Ehle's portrayal of a grieving mother that will have you reaching got the tissues. -Karen Aanonsen.' Insert happy smile here.

Abi said...

Thankyou Annie! x

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