Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jennifer Ehle and a New Project with Jonathan Demme

It seems that Jennifer will be part of the cast for "Old Fires", to be directed by Jonathan Demme this summer.  Details are sketchy at best at this point.  

Some reportage on the film came out last October.

"Written by Heather McGowan (Tadpole), the story centers on a world-renowned architect who, after waking up from a coma in need to physical and mental rehabilitation, tries to repair his damaged relationship with his children and wife.  It’s relatively smaller fare for Demme in the vein of Rachel Getting Married, but it sounds like a promising character-centric pic."

" The Heather McGowan (“Tadpole”) penned project follows a famous architect who, with the help of his snarky therapist, goes about rebuilding his damaged relationships with his wife and children after waking from a coma. It’s another relatively low-budget feature for Demme, and it’s tentatively scheduled to get underway next summer."

And more recently, in December Jessica Kiang, also at indiewire's The Playlist, reported on comments from a chat with Jonathan Demme at the Marrakech Film Festival. 
He described it as "very much a family drama that centers around a middle-aged guy who emerges from a coma that he’s been in for many months and discovers that his family have kind of moved on from him, and he wants them back. He’s both the same person he was before the accident but he’s also in the lucky-to-be-alive club, and he’s fillled with a sense of wonder and is ready to change profoundly." 
    and added, 
"There are many great parts, but first we’re getting the script finished and then we have a very alluring list of candidates." 

Without knowing what parts have been cast, I can only say: Here's to alluring candidates and really wishing a certain someone has the snarky therapist role!



MariaP said...

Cool. I remember readin about this last year. Hope it works out.

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