Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Contagious! Hazmat Suit Required


Jennifer Ehle will have a part in the film Contagion to be filmed in Chicago, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles; with a scheduled release date of 21 October 2011 (USA)

According to an article at HeyUGuys there's a chance for some travel depending, I suppose, on how small the "small part" is.
"After shooting in Hong Kong, Contagion is also due to film in Minneapolis, Dubai, Japan, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia, and Malaysia before its release in October 2011.

She is not yet listed as appearing at imdb but, wow, look at this cast:

Matt Damon
Marion Cotillard
Gwyneth Paltrow
Kate Winslet
Jude Law
Laurence Fishburne
John Hawkes
Josie Ho
Howie Johnson

Per imdb it's "An action-thriller centered on the threat posed by a deadly disease and an international team of doctors contracted by the CDC to deal with the outbreak."

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