Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This Edition Contains No Hazardous Materials

News about The King’s Speech (featuring Jennifer Ehle as Myrtle Logue)

Coverage of the Toronto festival and more:

By Anne Thompson at indiwire with the comment ”TWC’s The King’s Speech, starring Colin Firth, will play Venice, Telluride and Toronto.”
[Note: I haven’t been able to find supporting evidence for Venice or Telluride, but that would be stupendous if true!]

And Joshua Brunsting at Gordon and the Whale, who comments ”The latest film, Tom Hooper’s THE KING’S SPEECH, looks amazing and has already garnered some pre-premiere Oscar love.” and ” Hooper, director of last year’s great film, THE DAMNED UNITED, brought together one hell of a cast for this thing, [...] it will see a release through Miramax, leaving many to believe that this may be their big Oscar baby come later this year.”

And, more bromatically, Shinan Govani, National Post reveals that ’ Tom Hooper, who directed the film -- one that includes a tea-party cast comprised also of Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter -- further tells EW it is, yes, a "bromance." Basically, he goes on, summing it up, "Boy meets therapist, boy loses therapist, boy gets therapist." ‘

Liam Lace in Saturday's Globe and Mail lists some of the films & mentions “The King’s Speech (Dec. 10)” [The Dec date might be the Canadian release perhaps?] and also says ”Very British acting excellence and a credible historic reconstruction, which should make this film (originally a play) like Masterpiece Theatre with a budget.”

And some blogging & Oscar speculation by
Scott Feinberg, Erik Childress, Edward Davis, Jon Lyus, Ashleigh Ryan, Murph, and Ryan Adams

Several of the blogs above include rosters of celebrities scheduled to attend Toronto and while the list is impressive, the name we’d most wish to see is unfortunately not there.

A bit of Pride and Prejudice

Some bits about the Austen Attired exhibit at Peckover House. And isn’t that a wonderful name for a place? In so many ways, including that it could be a Dickens title.

ANNABELLE DICKSON wrote ”An exhibition of costumes, worn in film and television adaptations of the Georgian novelist's books, including Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, has already brought many visitors to Peckover House, in Wisbech.”

Be sure to take a look at jfwakefield’s austenonly blog which not only reports on the exhibit but also includes great pictures of the costumes & venue.
[Austen lovers, check out other entries at this blog, they will not disappoint.]

And, to finish, a fresh in-depth review of P&P95 Posted at The Rush Blog

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