Monday, May 10, 2010

King's minor news

Late minor news concerning The King's speech include an interview with Colin Firth, where "he speaks enthusiastically about The King's speech, calling it "an extraordinary story" about George VI's struggles to overcome a bad stutter..." and a murmur of a test screening in NYC in April (see comments).

Many whispers can on the other hand be heard on the Internet about possible BAFTA/Oscar nomination for Colin Firth in 2011, regarding his stately role.

Finally, Steven from the British Stammering Association announced on Twitter that King's release was delayed to January 2011, but no official confirmation was made, so we'll stay alert.

Last but not least, an article from the Los Angeles Times about Tony actresses, and among them of course, our special mother/daughter couple Rosemary Harris/Jennifer Ehle.

(Photo from the article, Rosemary Harris and Jan Maxwell in The Royal Family).

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