Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Green's the colour !

Green is definitely the colour for March, and it's now official.

Winter is, indeed, coming.

HBO has greenlighted highly anticipated fantasy series "Games of Thrones"

The Hollywood Reporter also notices that this great news is partly due to the "enormous, perhaps unprecedented, online interest (...) at such an early stage".

The picture on the right is from the opening scenes of the pilot.

10 episodes ordered (pilot + nine), so you can actually let your imagination go a long way through the woods, imagine the mighty Starks, the opponents Catelyn and Cersei, Eddard, Robert and Jaime...No limits now!

More later, to be sure.


About Yea High said...

Can't wait for this series to start!

Game of Thrones is the sort of thing our girl Jennifer will shine in (she has received a rather warm and confident welcome by the series' fans in general, unlike a few of the other actresses involved). It has the sort of political intrigue / playful banter Ms. Ehle has made a name for herself doing.

But there's action too!

Thinking of the role of Catelyn, and some of the roles in Jennifer's past, I'm trying to remember... (and you all can help me with this)...

How many action-oriented roles has Jennifer had in the past? In this series, our heroine Catelyn will A. suffer stab wounds trying to protect her son from an assassin, B. almost get skewered, pinned against rocks by wild woodsmen, and C. attend a rather messy and violent wedding by the end of (we're hopeful) season three.

I don't recall a previous role in which her life was endangered so many times.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news!

Paradise Road was probably one of her more actiony roles- she jumps into the ocean from a sinking ship and traipses through jungles and gets beaten up. And there's some serious strolling action in P&P.

About Yea High said...

Strolling action!

I forgot the strolling action.