Friday, February 19, 2010

Like we were on stage!

So, better late than never, right ?

I've just discovered Meredith blog, and she happens to work on Mr & Mrs Fitch props!

In her recent fascinating post [where you can find really nice photos of the set] she reveals details about the dreamy apartment in which Jennifer Ehle and John Lithgow make their show every night, and why it all looks so real:

The set for Mr & Mrs Fitch holds the distinction of being the first set I've worked on where someone has asked to purchase almost every single item on the set after the production. Why ? Because its set in a totally baller apartment. [...]

What we ended up doing was having two artists: Ryan Ketchum and Pete Sarafin loan works to the show. [...] The paintings on the wall give a huge amount of depth and range to the set: they make it feel like a real place because they are real things.

Read an older post of hers with two more photos where she explains how they had to borrow dozens of books to fill in the giant bookcase you see on the picture above.

Thank you very much Meredith for your explanations and pictures, it sounds like you're doing a great job!

The author of Mr & Mrs Fitch himself, Douglas Carter Beane, will be discussing his new comedy and talking about his fascination for New York City on Thirteen this Friday 19th of February at 1 am. Watch and tell us !

[EDIT : After an exchange with Meredith, I had to take down the photos - as they represent not only her work but the work of the designers and the theatre, she has only permission to post them on her blog - I should have known better ! I apologize sincerely to Meredith and you readers, and encourage you to go and see the pictures on her blog...]

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