Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Curtain up!

Today is January 26, 2010 and the time in New York City is 6:03 p.m. as I type this. In 57 minutes, the first preview performance of MR. & MRS. FITCH is due to begin. John Lithgow and our own beautiful and talented JENNIFER EHLE make up the two-person cast. It marks her return to live theater since her Tony award-winning performance in The Coast of Utopia nearly three years ago.

More about the Fitches, the Starks, and the Logues to follow since I now trust I can get my letterbetweenEandG'd up and twisted self back in line.

Lordy, Lordy
A (Very) Belated Birthday Wish for Ms Ehle.!

The X-zero ones are memorable and I hope she enjoyed hers.


Anonymous said...

Yea! Janet! Relieved you are around and sound and whole and back!

Anonymous said...

You can say that again!

Ceci said...

Janet, I'm so, so relieved that you're back and everything's OK !! What happened ? (if you can tell us...) Welcome back anyway ! :)