Friday, September 01, 2006

Utopia book delayed

Word from Abbey's Bookshop is that the publication of the new paperback omnibus edition of The Coast of Utopia has been pushed back to March 2007. Previously it was said to be due in June 2006. Still can buy the old hardcover edition though.

Over at what's good/what blows, Rocco nerds out further about Utopia:

Nothing makes me feel nerdier than admitting that I'm actually excited for Lincoln Center's upcoming THE COAST OF UTOPIA, the nine hour, 3 part, epic Tom Stoppard play that will take over the Vivian Beaumont Theatre this season. Especially now that the entire cast has been announced. I can't wait to bury myself in a theatre for hours and hours and just forget about everything else. If I can swing (afford) the all-in-one-day package on Feb. 24, March 3 or March 10, I'm totally gonna do it.

The play is described thus: THE COAST OF UTOPIA is centered on the political and philosophical idealism and debates of mid-nineteenth-century Russia, examining the movements that excited artists and thinkers in those days.

Have you ever heard of anything with the potential to be more boring? Probably not. I have faith though. But who are all these artists and thinkers of mid-nineteenth-century Russia? And more importantly, who's playing them??

He proceeds with photos and commentary about the characters and players.

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