Sunday, August 13, 2006

More Alpha Male

Here's an article on Alpha Male/Danny Huston fromThe Telegraph (full text avail.)
A languid, beautifully observed feature from the first-time writer-director Dan Wilde, Alpha Male boasts a cast that includes Jennifer Ehle, Patrick Baladi and Trudie Styler, but is far from blockbuster material.

'That's the reason I was drawn to the project,' he says, in his warm, transatlantic drawl - a legacy of boarding school in Somerset and holidays in Ireland. 'I wanted to do Alpha Male because the script was fascinating, and there's still a film-student part of me that likes to work on stuff that's a bit experimental.

Plus, it's good to be taken down a peg or two.' Huston plays Jim Ferris, a packaging tycoon whose unexpected death devastates his young family and whose influence lingers long after he's gone.

'It's a keen look at a family, at its structures and dynamics, how the people within it interact,' says Huston, for whom the film's principal theme of children being in thrall to their larger-than-life fathers had a certain resonance.
And from The Observer
The week's other British movie, Alpha Male, is a dim account of a brother and sister from a wealthy Home Counties family adjusting to the death of their overbearing father (Danny Huston) and refusing to accept their mother's new husband (Patrick Baladi), a widowed painter. The narrative is confusing, the motivation obscure and the performances stilted. Jennifer Ehle, an attractive actress, most famous for her TV Elizabeth Bennet, goes through the proceedings with a curious little smile on her lips while remaining loyal to both her late husband and her current lover - what one might call simper fidelis

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