Sunday, August 27, 2006

Forsyth County Reads

If you're in the area:
'Forsyth County Reads' to begin with concert
"On the Same Page: Forsyth County Reads" will begin with John Ehle & Friends at 3 p.m. Sunday at the Arts Council Theatre, 610 Coliseum Drive.

There will be live performances by Polecat Creek and Rhonda Gouge.

To reserve a free ticket, call any Forsyth County public library at 703-BOOK.

Also, here's an IMDb user comment on Alpha Male
I went to see this film because I'd heard about it from a friend of mine who worked on the production. Apparently the producers completely re-cut the film to make it more 'commercial' and as a result the director walked away during post-production and asked to have his name removed.

Apparently the director's cut is a totally different film, and I'd be very interested to see it because there are moments in this version that are kind of impressive. The film has an underlying intelligence and you get a sense that the director was trying to achieve something ambitious and different. The writing is confident and subtle and the film has a bold narrative structure. On the downside, some of the editing is quite sloppy and the whole film is marred by a terrible score.

Taking the film at face value, I'd have to say that it was boring at times but also intermittently intriguing. Some of the chronology didn't cohere as you felt it should and yet some of the narrative juxtapositions were beguiling. My balanced assessment is that the film reaches for a unique, dreamlike atmosphere and sometimes it succeeds.

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