Saturday, May 06, 2006

Firth's encounter with PM

From a Times article about Colin Firth, here's a little encounter story he had with Tony Blair while he was watching Ms Ehle in The Real Thing.

"It’s years now since Darcymania subsided, but the old wariness is intact. Quite recently he and Livia went to the theatre—Sam Mendes’s Donmar Warehouse, to be precise—to see The Real Thing, starring, as it happened, Jennifer Ehle, who was Lizzie Bennet to Firth’s Mr Darcy (a relationship that extended off screen). Who should the Firths find themselves sitting next to but those quondam Islingtonians, Mr and Mrs Blair. Firth says that, before the lights went down, he could just feel the eyes of the entire audience waiting for the two parties to acknowledge each other. You sense that he would happily have curled up and died."

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