Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bits and Bobs

This Live Journal-er met Rosemary Harris and John Ehle at an event that she attended.
Last night I went to this reading sponsored by the North Carolina Writer's Association that Dr. Zehr invited me and Miriam to. Cindia forced me to wear makeup, and she did my eyes, which was totally unneccessary and stressful. But at least I didn't get poked this time.

The event was...strange. It was in somebody's loft, which I didn't expect, but they were rich and I was afraid to touch anything. Fifty bucks a head and they only had two cheese platters and three bottles of wine (of which I didn't get any.) And then we had to mingle and crap...and I'm really bad at that. No networking skills here. A few people asked if I was an author, to which I answered, "Um...kind of?"

It was awkward, to say the least. But John Ehle read a really beautiful, and funny passage. I don't know what the book was called. But that part was enjoyable.

And Rosemary Harris shook my hand.

An excited Ryan recieved Rosemary Harris' autograph
I was really hoping this would come through. I wrote to Rosemary at "The Other Side", a Broadway play she was doing. It wrapped up a few weeks ago and when I didn't have a success by then I was skeptical about possibly getting one. But there was no need to worry. Today my "Spider-man 2" photo and the index card I sent her to sign, both came back signed & personalized. I understand "Spider-man 3" is filming now so I'm sure very soon Rosemary will be filming her scenes as "Aunt May" for the movie.

And the Live Journal-er on Vaguely Alive was shocked to see Jennifer Ehle's hair in This Year's Love.
I say. Blonde Jennifer Ehle=v.scary. No, really. But even scarier is blonde, dreadlock-ed Jennifer Ehle. ::shudders:: Will now watch Elizabeth Bennet version for awhile to calm frazzled nerves. Guh.

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