Sunday, May 07, 2006

Behind-the-scenes of The River King

Whitetiger76 from Livejournal was an extra on The River King, and gives us some behind-the-scenes action. Alas, not including Ms Ehle but still interesting!
Ok so for people who don't know I was in a hollywood film called The River King. It hasn't come out in theatres yet but it will. I have a close up in it....if it didn't make the cutting room floor. lol

Here is the movie page so far: THE RIVER KING MOVIE Ok there is one thing I want to show you...because Rachelle Lefevre played a couple pranks/jokes on me! So here is a replay of the scene I did. (she looked like this. This was taken on the day we did the scene) *Picture above*
ME: "oh my god...oh my god....look at her hair." *speaks to my twin making fun of her* (all this is slient on camera)

During one of the takes she put her middle finger up and the cast/crew started laughing their asses off. I was like "don't laugh....don't laugh...can't laugh"

yeah end of story. If you read this Rachelle Lefevre I will get you back........for all the pranks you pulled on me while on set. (that is if i ever see you again. GAME ON)

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