Thursday, December 08, 2005

Old fan review

This is a September fan review of The Philadelphia Story by "Shining lil *star*" from this blog. Warning: she loves Jennifer Ehle, but is extremely frank about others, ie. Spacey.

What a fantastic play the ‘Philadelphia Story’ was!!! I’m almost tempted to hire out the ye olde black and white original film starring Katherine Hepburn as the cast in the play at the Old Vic was amazing!!! I think I am yet to stay completely entertained by a play- but this play officially wins! :D

And yay- after some advice from a very nice usher dude- we found the Stage door where the cast slowly leaked out of and Clare got Mr Spacey’s (yes the Oscar winner) autograph while I filmed her cheesy moment and got snapped with the leading lady- the true star of the show without a doubt – Jennifer Ehle. The cast were all very approachable but totally wanting to get away from the mob- and quite frankly Kevin needs to cheer up. He was a bit of a grumpy git.

Hmmm I wonder how easy it is to get into film on the design and make-up side of things? Loving the wigs and how natural they looked.

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