Thursday, December 15, 2005

Fan review of The Other Side

This comes from 'wheldridge' of EhleNews.

I was lucky enough to see The Other Side last month when it was in previews. I finally got around to writing something about the play on Monday, but realized that the review would be out this week. I wasn't bold enough to post this without seeing the reviews. Now that I have seen them, I am surprised. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the play. It was 90 minutes without intermission. One of the things that impressed me was Rosemary Harris was in excellent shape. With the salt and pepper wig, she looked much longer than her age, and she had to crawl under the bed twice! The play was funny, tragic, and thought provoking. The "Other Side" applies to so much more than just a war. The acting, as you might expect, was excellent.

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