Sunday, December 11, 2005

Elizabeth Ehle II

I was shocked, appalled, and surprised to discover that Keira Knightley isn't the only one to call Jennifer Ehle "Elizabeth Ehle". It seems Miss Bennet is just as hard to shake as Colin Firth's Darcy. These are only some of the instances I've found:

Fan Reviews:
Cable TV talk
I like the re-make of Pride and Predjudice with Elizabeth Ehle and Colin Firth.

…and I think that Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen were every bit as good as Colin Firth and Elizabeth Ehle.

Even a reviewer for the movie, Sunshine!
Ignatz eventually married Valerie (Elizabeth Ehle), his cousin who was raised as his sister, and he became a high-ranking Judge under the Austro-Hungarian emperor.

And even Amazon (for the sale of Pride and Prejudice)!!!

  • This is either a compliment to Jennifer Ehle for her convincing performance, or gross ignorance. I can't decide which.

    Anonymous said...

    LOL! That is so funny.

    BTW,last time I checked Amazon, the P&P dvd was at #32. Not bad.
    I hope Elizabeth, uhm Jennifer gets a cut of the sales but I'm guessing she does not.

    Trish said...

    "gross ignorance" is a bit harsh. Happy to call it an accidental compliment.