Sunday, December 04, 2005

B&H Round-up

If all else fails, post more reviews. These are from Bedrooms and Hallways.

From PlanetOut
As Sally, Jennifer Ehle looks like a young Meryl Streep and is winning enough to make men and women swoon. It isn't at all a stretch that Leo and Sally share a special bond; nor is it making a statement on Leo's gayness. Rather, Troche gently and without an agenda portrays ordinary human emotion and unexplainable attraction.

From Safe
Jennifer Ehle (best known as Elizabeth Bennet in the latest BBC "Pride and Prejudice" opposite Colin Firth) does a commendable job with a role that is underwritten and quite contradictory at different points in the film.

From SFGate
"Experimentation" is inevitable. All of the signs point to that fact: For one thing, Brendan owns a deli called "It's Only Natural" with his girlfriend, Sally (luminous Jennifer Ehle, who looks like a lit-from-behind Meryl Streep, with a symmetrical face).

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