Sunday, November 06, 2005

Perspectives on Design for Living

Firstly, Jennifer Ehle comments on Design for Living in a BBC article:

Design for Living chronicles a menage à trois which seems remarkably modern for a play Noel Coward wrote 70 years ago.

Jennifer Ehle says: "It surprised me how many serious things he says in it.

"I thought it was actually incredibly up-to-the-minute and very, very relevant, and it's fun."

Ehle plays a woman torn between a soulless marriage of convenience and two men with whom she's been intimately linked.

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We also have a review on Design for Living from Theatre Reviews Ltd, which comments on the casting.

Casting is excellent and performances strong in both major and minor roles. As the leading males, ALAN CUMMING and DOMINIC WEST, are both handsome and charming, gallant and gracious. Anyone would love them. At the apex of the triangle is JENNIFER EHLE, voluptuous of form and lovely of face. Her voice is warm and rapturous - yet she has been directed to rattle off most of her lines with the clackety chill of an icemaker. Furthermore, and most inscrutably, neither of the men exhibit as much physical attraction to her as they do to each other

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