Sunday, November 27, 2005

Blogging Miss Bennet

Here are some interesting posts about Jennifer Ehle/Lizzy Bennet from various blogs.

Firstly, a complimentary review:
But now and forever, North Carolina native Jennifer Ehle is Elizabeth Bennet to me, and I'm sold on Colin Firth as Darcy as well. Ehle (pronounced Eeeeleee), born in Winston-Salem, looks so much the part and fulfills my own adolescent image of Elizabeth so well I'm not sure how I'll accept Knightley in the part.

Ehle caught both the intelligence, wit and human failings of Elizabeth for me, but also the look. Her pale, goregous face framed by her Austen like curls of dark hair and punctuated by a cupid's bow mouth, tiny, with an Austen pucker, reminds me so of the period style illustrations accompanying so many 18th century novels.

Secondly, 100 Elizabeth Bennet icons (they look fabulous!)

There are also comments on many blogs that Keira Knightley appeared to somewhat mimick Jennifer Ehle, especially with her voice. For instance (from Ampersand Duck):

...she seemed to model herself upon Jennifer Ehle, and one or two times I could swear she'd stood in front of a mirror with the BBC playing next to her and a remote control and mimicked Jennifer's Lizzie until she got it right.
And, from 'David's Journal':
...if you shut your eyes when listening to Keira it might as well have been Jennifer - the pace, the intonation, everything was just like Jennifer. It could just be that Keira made the mistake of watching the BBC production just one time too many and had assimilated too much.

But they do say that imitation is the highest form of flattery...

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Anonymous said...

I recently saw the new Pride and Prejudice and while KK was okay her performance can't touch Jennifer's. Jennifer had a maturity and a wit that is missing from KK's performance.