Saturday, October 08, 2005

Super-granny Rosemary Harris!

This interview by The Comics Continuum reveals a gutsy and fearless side to Rosemary Harris. She talks about doing her own stunts in Spiderman 2... and how much fun it was! She also relates what it's like being recognised by children in the street.

"I was a bit miffed at first, because my wonderful stunt double was going to do a lot of the harness maneuvers," Harris recalled. "So I asked Sam (Raimi, direcotr) and Laura (Ziskin, prodcuer), 'Why not let me have a go at it?' At first they were reluctant. But I begged them to at least let me try and they finally relented."

"I've never seen an actress with as much gusto and gumption as Rosemary," Raimi said. "What a trooper. She would just get on that wire and go on her wild ride in Doc Ock's arms. And the first thing she¹d say afterwards was 'Let's do it again! Can I do it again?' She was completely fearless. I loved it!"

"I adored every minute of it. It was wonderful, just the best feeling," Harris said. "The only time I've flown before was when I played Peter Pan in an outdoor production, and that was a long time ago. I remember that I was airborne as Peter Pan just as the Sputnik satellite was passing by in the sky overhead!"
A former Tony Award winner and Academy Award nomineee, Harris has gained new fans with the Spider-Man franchise.

"It's wonderful to have fans who are four years old come up to you and say 'Are you really Peter Parker's aunt?' And when I say 'Yes,' their eyes get bigger and bigger. It's very thrilling," she said.

Full text available here.

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