Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rosemary Harris action figure?!

FOXNews reports a new Spiderman action figure is being created in the likeness of Rosemary Harris.

Rosemary Harris has a Tony Award, an Oscar nomination, and theater awards galore for her work performing Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, Chekhov, and even Neil Simon.

But now the greatest honor: A one-inch high plastic molded action figure cast in her likeness. Why? Harris is currently shooting Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, based on the Marvel comic book.

Fans of Marvel Comics' beloved Spiderman know that in "real" life, Spidey is mild-mannered Peter Parker.

Peter, lives with an older relative, Aunt May, who has no idea that her wonderful nephew is busy crawling all over town every night. [more]

Must get my hands on that one...

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