Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The New Yorker Review

The New Yorker review is here, and they loved Ms Ehle!
Herzen and his wife, his first cousin Natalie (Jennifer Ehle, appropriately luscious and self-regarding here), hope for better medical attention for their child abroad, but they cannot move to Europe without government approval.
Alexander and Varvara’s eldest daughter, Liubov (Jennifer Ehle, who is stupendous in the role), on the other hand, is intelligent, a reader and a writer, the soft counterpart to her brother’s brashness and blind pronouncements.

Excuse the french, but Slack Bastard has written a critique of the New Yorker article that was earlier published, if you're interested. You have to watch the french in that too.

Livejournal-er, Uberspock, loved CoU.

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