Monday, December 18, 2006

"Unstoppable Stoppard"

Irish Echo Online has an article on Coast of Utopia. Excerpt:
The three segments of the stunningly prolific British dramatist's theatrical troika are titled, respectively, "Voyage," "Shipwreck" and "Salvage," with the first-named segment having opened at Lincoln Center's Vivian Beaumont Theater, to be followed in time by the middle and closing portions of the triptych.

"Shipwreck" will play its first preview performance on Dec. 6, with "Salvage" joining the first two parts on Jan. 30.

"The Coast of Utopia" will play at Lincoln Center through March 10, with an extension almost certain and with, according to most reports, a few days on which all three parts of the trilogy will be performed in marathon sessions lasting nearly nine hours, meal breaks not included.

Difficult as it is to assess a venture of this enormity on the basis of its starting segment, it seems safe to say that, if "Voyage" is any indication, the author of, among myriad other works including "Arcadia" and "The Real Thing" has outdone himself and come up with a saga worthy of massive attention.

"Voyage" itself is composed of two parts, each of them more or less capable of standing alone and making sense without undue reference to the chapter that follows or precedes it.

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