Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"Shipwreck" begins previews!

Shipwreck begins previews today and officially open on December 21st.

Here's a fairly interesting article on the Russians' views on Coast of Utopia.
On the one hand, his interest in Russian history is flattering, but on the other it is alarming - our revolutionaries and idealists have long become a laughing stock all over the world. Tom Stoppard dispelled the apprehensions of the audience. He said that he was enchanted with the Russian thinkers, their acute sense of justice, temperament, and talent.

There were three major groups of questions to Stoppard that boiled down to the following: When and why did Russia become an inspiration for his trilogy? What would have happened if Herzen and others had taken power in the country instead of the Bolsheviks? How do the skeptical attitudes of such an inveterate postmodernist as Stoppard tally with idealistic sentiments of his characters?

Stoppard said that his interest in Russia had no point of departure but reflected British and Russian common craving for culture. Russia has always been a subject of close interest for British intellectuals and the public at large, and has gradually become part of the British cosmos. The Soviet Union's disintegration affected him deeply - as if a black hole took shape in history. Thinking about the reasons for the collapse of this utopia, Stoppard started writing his trilogy about the Russian thinkers

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