Monday, December 11, 2006


Well crew, I'm home so here's the first splash of Shipwreck news and reviews.
Firstly thank-you to Kate for the heads-up on this positive review of Ms Ehle from "Just Goes To Show You"(be warned that the rest is not so nice):
"...The one exception among the actors with a lot of material here is Jennifer Ehle, who gives an emotional, capivating performance as Herzen's wife."

Elizabeth Maupin's blog reported that she will see the marathon.
"And then there's the required reading list the New York Times published a week or two ago -- the tomes you supposedly have to read to understand this stuff."
So much for not having to do any homework for the play! (*See the opening night video)

A positive review from All That Chat
But I saw part two, Shipwreck, this afternoon, and I found it completely enthralling. I saw it without having first seen Voyage. Perhaps part two is more interesting than part one? I think that the person with whom I attended, who had seen Voyage and liked it, liked this one a bit more.

The LCT Blog was updated on the 7th of December. The new post is titled "Children of the Revolution".

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There is a Q&A with Billy Crudup at
and Martha Plimpton has a new slideshow of pictures from Shipwreck at