Friday, December 22, 2006

Shipwreck reviews

The LCT blog has been updated: "New York 1848"

All That Chat has been talking about Ms Ehle in Shipwreck, although their reviews contain spoilers.
First mention:
I'm surprised to see so little mention of Jennifer Ehle. I walked away from the performance feeling that this portion was really her play. Though Herzen is clearly the main character, it seems that Ehle is given all the best moments (and the final bow). Judging from the first two plays, Ehle is really getting the choice female roles. And boy is she great!
Second mention:
I liked Ehle a lot in this one too - it's a very different character from Lubov in Part I and she draws the distinction well.

Third mention mention (with spoilers).

There are lots of other Ehle-non-specific reviews as well, here.


Kate said...

Bwayworld has a lot of reviews posted as well as links to photos:

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There's also an opening night photo-op on and an article w/ pictures and quotes on

Kate said...'s opening night video is up now, too.

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Thanks Kate :)